Welcome to Jollof Pie

Black insurance professionals come to JollofPie.com to dialogue, strategize and synergize. This is our space to build, together. Whether you’re an agent, adjuster, underwriter or executive looking to expand or a young professional looking for mentorship, this is your single destination. JollofPie.com is where Black professionals come to reimagine the insurance industry. 

What is JollofPie?

Jollof rice is an iconic African dish that is made with long-grain rice, spices, and vegetables (several different ingredients) in a single pot. It is a popular dish in West Africa.

It was first cooked in the Gambia region of West Africa during the 14th – 16th century in the ancient Jolof (Wolof) Empire. Known as the “Grain Coast,” This region was a hub for the transatlantic slave trade that captured Africans who brought their agricultural techniques and rice-influenced dishes to the West.

Although each variation is unique in its own right it is a staple at celebratory social gatherings which has a greater purpose….bringing people together.

We are the "Jollof"

The “Jollof” in “JollofPie” represents us coming together as Black insurance professionals with different backgrounds, experiences, disciplines/roles, entries into the industry, etc., to create something for us by combining our best to create something greater.

Jollof Pie is "The Aggregation for Collaboration"

We provide resources to support our advancement and development in this industry:
  • Professional Development
  • Career Coaching
  • Business Collaborations
  • Systems & Process Resources
  • Industry News & Trade Organization Alignment

Our talents and areas of expertise are the "Pie"

The Pie represents all of the pieces of this Black Insurance Ecosystem and a place for Black-focused trade and professional support organizations to align, attract, and engage existing and new members with their resources. In fact…There’s a slice for everyone.

“Our own is better”

We all represent a part of a culture that is loved around the world for our unique flavors. In any place on the planet, there is someone who is influenced by our contribuons…to music, sports, style, and even Insurance. This is our recipe, our dish, and our piece of the Pie!

About Us

Why do Black Insurance Professionals need this space? We are brothers, mothers, sisters, fathers, sons, wives and husbands. But first we are Black and that reality drives us to secure a legacy for our families and broader community.

The insurance industry is a place of abundance and if made more equitable and opportunities spread evenly, the legacies we desire would be secured. We refuse to wait for the industry to prioritize our communities, so we choose to create our own change, together. 

We are agents, executives, underwriters, claims adjusters, actuaries and more. We work for large multinational corporations and others of us run small businesses. All of us, however, are focused on one thing and that’s coming together to expand opportunities for Black professionals in the industry and in so doing, rebuilding our communities.

JollofPie.com is the place where we come to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, receive and give mentorship, host events and market future opportunities to each other. JollofPie.com is our space, the platform that facilitates us reaching our goals, leveraging our presence in the industry and ultimately, rebuilding Black Wall Streets all over the nation.

News and Upcoming Events

BWII Sisterhood Conference

February 22 – 24, 2023 | Join us February 22-24, 2023 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Downtown Convention Center in Tampa, Florida for the second annual Black Women of the Insurance Industry Sisterhood Conference!

Learn More

February 10, 2023
The Gathering Spot | 5211 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Black Friday is a dynamic, radical approach to creating more, inclusive opportunities for Black agents and expanding possibilities for insurance companies. 

Professional Spotlight

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